Garden Delights

   There are plenty of metal objects which can be made into something new with help from Hammerite. These items were looking worse for wear, but by co-ordinating them with a coat of Hammerite they were turned into a good looking lantern display for the home or garden.


  1. First, remove all loose rust and flaking paint from the lanterns using a wire brush or coarse sandpaper.
  2. Wash down thoroughly with diluted detergent, rinse with clean water and allow to dry. This ensures that any grease, dirt or dust which might prevent the paint from adhering to the metal is removed.
  3. If the lantern is made from bare zinc, aluminium or galvanised metal, use Hammerite Direct to Galvanised Metal Paint, otherwise we used Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint in Smooth finish.
  4. Wherever you are painting the lanterns, ensure that the ground and surrounding area are protected with a dust sheet or newspaper to catch any spills or drips.project_02_a
  5. Apply paint using a good quality brush. Two thin coats will achieve the best look, but leave to dry for 4 hours before applying the second coat.