Vintage Chic with Metal

Metal furniture can make an elegant addition to any room. Often a lighter shade is better suited to interiors, so darker furniture can be painted to make it the perfect fit.


  1. Begin by protecting the area you intend to paint in with newspaper and/or dust sheets to catch any spills or drips.
  2. Prepare the furniture for painting by rubbing it down with a wire brush or sandpaper. This should remove any possible flakes of paint or rust.
  3. Clean the furniture next, using a mild detergent and water. This is to ensure there is no grease, dust or dirt on the surface which will affect the paint finish or prevent the paint form adhering. Make sure the furniture is completely dry before continuing.
  4. Stir Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint in Smooth finish thoroughly before applying with a good quality brush. It will be touch dry in 1-2 hours, but if a second coat is needed, apply 4 hours after the first.